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The street names of Junortoun

This page identifies the origins of Junortoun’s street names

Street Precinct Origin of name
Aberdeen Drive McIvor Forest Estate  Third largest city in Scotland
Alexander Road McIvor Hwy North
Angus Lane McIvor Forest Estate
Atlas Road McIvor Hwy North
Augusta Court McIvor Hwy South
Banjo Street Domain Village  AB “Banjo” Patterson – Australian writer and poet
Bennetts Road Somerset/Caleana
Betty Avenue Homebush Estate
Binks Road Binks
Botany Drive Braeside
Bradman Street Domain Village Australian cricketer
Braeside Drive Braeside
Caleana Road Somerset/Caleana  Australian native orchid
Callistemon Close Somerset/Caleana
Cashens Road McIvor Hwy South
Cassinia Drive McIvor Forest Estate
Chisholm Street Domain Village
Cockateal Close Binks Australian native bird
Cockatoo Drive Binks Australian native bird
Columbus Court Domain Village
Cootamundra Place Somerset/Caleana Australian native plant
Datson Place McIvor Hwy North
Dino Court McIvor Hwy North
Domain Avenue Domain Village
Domenica Drive McIvor Hwy North
Drysdale Court Domain Village
Duncan Court McIvor Forest Estate
Fisher Street Domain Village
Flora Court Homebush Estate
Floreate Drive Braeside
Florey Crescent Domain Village
Flynn Street Domain Village
George Terrace Homebush Estate
Georges Place Homebush Estate
Goldstein Circuit Domain Village
Hall Crescent Homebush Estate
Halter Court West
Hansell Drive Somerset/Caleana
Hart Street Domain Village
Heath Avenue Somerset/Caleana
Heritage Court Binks
Hoctors Lane McIvor Hwy North
Homebush Drive Homebush Estate Name of original estate
Humphries Drive Domain Village
Inverness Drive McIvor Forest Estate
Jacaranda Court Somerset/Caleana
Jean Alice Drive McIvor Hwy North
Junortoun Road Braeside  A central and south American tree
Kalinda Drive Somerset/Caleana
Kenmore Avenue McIvor Forest Estate
Kingsford Street Domain Village
Knotts Lane McIvor Hwy North
Kooroork Lane McIvor Hwy North
Lanark Drive McIvor Forest Estate
Leslie Place McIvor Forest Estate
Lorikeet Drive Binks  Australian native bird
Manning Court McIvor Hwy South
Markovich Lane West
Mawson Circuit Domain Village  Sir Douglas Mawson – Australian geologist, Antarctic explorer and academic
McConnell Drive McIvor Forest Estate
McIvor Forest Drive McIvor Forest Estate
McIvor Highway (Road)
Mcivor Park Court McIvor Hwy North
Melaleuca Avenue Somerset/Caleana
O’Keefe Rail Trail  Andrew O’Keefe – early railway pioneer
Olley Street Domain Village  Margaret Olley – Australian painter
Pepperton Place McIvor Hwy South
Pope Track McIvor Hwy North
Popes Road McIvor Hwy North
Rathlin Avenue McIvor Forest Estate  Island of the coast of Northern Ireland
Ridge Road Binks
Rothacker Drive West  Significant family in the Bendigo trotting industry
Roxburgh Crescent McIvor Forest Estate
Shetland Road McIvor Forest Estate
Simmie Court Homebush Estate
Sinclairs Road Binks
Somerset Park Road Somerset/Caleana
Splitters Lane McIvor Hwy South
St Vincents Road McIvor Hwy South  St Vincent’s College, founded by the Vincentian Fathers at Junortoun in 1954. Now Catholic College.
Stirling Avenue McIvor Forest Estate
Tandarri Road Braeside
Trotting Terrace McIvor Hwy South
Turners Road Braeside
Villa Terrace McIvor Hwy North
Whiteley Street Domain Village Brett Whiteley – Australian painter
Wild Drive McIvor Hwy North
Wilkie Road McIvor Hwy South
William Court Homebush Estate
Woodlands Court McIvor Hwy North




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