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Development of the Junortoun Community Plan 2012

Work to develop a community plan for Junortoun commenced in early 2012, led a a local volunteer working group. The completed plan (2013-2015) was launched at a public event on Friday 7 December 2012.Click here to view the members of the Junortoun Community Working Group.You may view and download a copy of the final plan and its appendices at the following links:



In 2013 the Working Group re-formed as the Action Group to address the goals identified in the Plan. You can join in by contacting the group at gro.nuotronuj@nalpytinummoc.

Click here to view the members of the Junortoun Community Action Group.


Junortoun Community Working Group

In 2012, a volunteer working group of local residents was established with a view to engage with the Junortoun community to gather information, develop a plan and present it to the community for consideration. This group, the Junortoun Community Working Group developed the Junortoun Community Plan which was presented to the community in December 2012.

Junortoun Community Working Group Team:

  • Stephen Cushing (Chair)
  • Ian Ross (Co-Chair)
  • Kevin de Vries
  • Bob Jamieson
  • Fiona Murray
  • Wendy Donaldson
  • Gloria Turner
  • Colin Smith
  • Heather Stanmore
  • Tom Devlin
  • Judy Reid

In Consultation With:

  • Lyn Talbot and Lindy Wilson – City of Greater Bendigo
  • Cailin Green – young Junortoun resident


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